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Why is a cloud-based ERP the right choice to grow your company?

In the business arena, leaders play a fundamental role as facilitators of value. Whether they are founders, CEOs, or entrepreneurs, they have a tremendous influence on the future of their organizations. They continually refine business operations and financial performance by combining people, processes, and technologies as the foundation for change and growth.

However, at some point, all these leaders find themselves at a crossroads. They must make a crucial decision: add more applications to their current toolbox of technology or completely rethink their IT landscape? We understand that this choice is not easy, but in a world where the traditional combination of specific line-of-business solutions and ERP systems can hinder scalability to meet growing demands, there is no time to lose.

So, how can they make decisions that drive revenue growth, optimize operations, and improve cash flows, crucial aspects for investors, auditors, and partners? According to IDC, the answer may lie in adopting a public cloud ERP. This solution offers gains that can boost company valuations, increase attractiveness for mergers and acquisitions, and build the confidence needed to secure more capital for expansion.

It’s time to leave skepticism behind and embrace a profitable path toward the future. While it used to be common to use specific systems for areas like finance, project management, or sales, technology has advanced significantly since then. Today, technological solutions offer more flexibility and adaptability to help companies achieve their goals more effectively.

However, we understand that there is some skepticism surrounding the latest generation of ERP systems. From our experience in helping over 500 organizations in more than 20 countries and various industries evaluate and select ERP solutions, we know that there is often concern that these technologies offer too many features and integrations that cannot be immediately utilized. This can leave a feeling of wasted spending, less control, and low performance.

By Richard Nagel, Vice President of the GROW with SAP Program, SAP

At Invenzis Partners by SAP, we are a trusted technology partner for companies looking to scale. We invite you to explore our native cloud ERP, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, and discover how the GROW with SAP program for scalers can guide every step of your ERP transformation journey.

It is important to set aside skepticism when making technology decisions, as it is a considerable risk, whether you are preparing for rapid growth or already experiencing it. By hesitating, you may miss opportunities to improve your operations, reach new customers, and outperform the competition with the latest applications, processes, and tools. More importantly, you may lack the foundation needed to acquire the distinctive features of a disruptive industry expansion: the ability to quickly adapt both your team and your processes to profitably seize new opportunities.

A public cloud ERP can put an end to the debate of whether or not to make ERP investments. Its multi-layer modular architecture establishes a central foundation of master processes and data, standardizing operations while providing the flexibility to adopt best practices, incorporate new applications, and customize and innovate when necessary to differentiate yourself. The cloud provider also takes care of applying the latest tools, complying with security requirements, and offering expert resources to ensure the ongoing security of the entire system and its content.

Imagine that your company is in the midst of rapid growth, and you have plans for international expansion. You need a central financial application and proven methodologies to support your short and long-term processes and strategies. A cloud ERP allows you to gain a real-time view of all entities within your organization, facilitating the management of global operations, from risk management to tax compliance, cash reserves, and profitability at each local office.

But the value of a cloud ERP doesn’t stop there. With a single cloud subscription, multiple areas of your organization can benefit from the data, insights, analytical capabilities, and views offered by the ERP system. For example, your human resources department can use this knowledge to hire effectively and comply with labor regulations quickly and accurately. At the same time, your supply chain management team can assess whether you have the right suppliers to keep up with your growth.

When evaluating ERP software, don’t limit yourself to current features and functions. Think about the capabilities you will need in the future. That’s where the advantage of adopting a public cloud ERP in the early stages of your growth becomes evident. Technologies, best practices, and workflows are evolving at an impressive pace. Many of these innovations will be crucial in shaping your business profitably in the future. And as all this happens, you can rely on a trusted partner to guide you in implementing the right functionalities at the right time and ensure that your data, insights, and proprietary systems are always secure.

At Invenzis Partners by SAP, we are that trusted technology partner you need as you scale your business. We invite you to explore our native cloud ERP, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, and discover how the GROW with SAP program for scalers can guide every step of your ERP transformation journey. Contact us today at

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