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Integration with Lucía Customs Systems

The MIL system allows for real-time communication with the merchandise entry and exit declaration system for the country and Free Trade Zones in Customs. Through web access, it enables the management of entries, exits, subdivisions, groupings, shortages and overages, endorsements, and a series of inquiries that allow for information retrieval by DUA, Simplified Message, Container, Warehouse, etc.

Supplier Portal

Supplier management often involves a series of activities that, while necessary for the operational continuity of the company, can hinder productivity. Handling complaints, providing updates on procedures, generating and processing invoices, or communicating bidding announcements can consume a significant amount of time. It is estimated that 25% of the time in the Accounts Payable department is spent on phone calls answering queries and maintaining supplier data.


Power up your online sales with MercadoSincro, the leading solution for automated postings on MercadoLibre, available for companies in Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay.

MercadoSincro offers you the advantage of automatically generating postings on MercadoLibre based on the master data from SAP Business One. Keep your inventory always synchronized and streamline your sales with orders and invoices automatically generated in SAP Business One every time you make a sale on MercadoLibre.

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Electronic Invoice Reception

At Invenzis, we have a fully integrated solution for SAP Business One and SAP S/4 HANA that automates processes, significantly reducing the time required for registration and processing of third-party electronic invoices.

Electronic invoicing is no longer an option, so implementing this improvement is of great importance for our ERPs.

Some additional benefits, apart from those already mentioned, include: