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SAP – Other Solutions

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SAP Signavio

SAP Signavio Process Insights SAP Signavio Process Insights is a process analysis/mining solution that helps you quickly discover areas of improvement and automation within your organization’s processes by suggesting changes and actions to implement for their enhancement and/or correction.

SAP Analitycs Cloud

Discover, analyze, plan, forecast, and collaborate in an integrated experience designed specifically for the cloud. Access all data and embedded analytics directly within a business process to turn instant strategic information into quick action.


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SAP Success Factors

SAP Success Factors is the cloud-based integrated human resources software that helps you unlock the full potential of your workforce and drive results across your entire organization. Make the transition to a modern workplace where office employees, contractors, and interns collaborate and leverage the latest technologies in their daily tasks.

SAP Ariba y Digital Supply Network

With SAP Ariba’s expense management solutions, you can digitize and simplify all your end-to-end processes on a single, integrated cloud platform.

SAP Ariba SAP Ariba is how businesses connect to get business done, using our leading collaborative commerce solutions and Ariba Network. We help buyers and suppliers from over 2.5 million businesses operating in 190 countries discover new opportunities, collaborate on transactions, and grow their relationships.

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SAP Concur

Expense automation from receipt to reimbursement.

Automating the expense management process – and eliminating the errors, paper, and procedures associated with it – frees up your employees and gives you greater control over expense policies and costs. Users can take a photo of receipts, submit expense reports from any mobile device, and stay on track with planned productivity. This is the expense management software your company needs to simplify the business travel expense process and its tracking.

SAP CRM and Customer Experience

Connect with your customers in more meaningful ways with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. This cloud-based CRM portfolio brings together marketing, sales, commerce, customer service, and social CRM to help your team build powerful personal connections that engage customers across all channels. Benefit from contact management, customer analytics, and more.

SAP Hybris is the solution that every marketing professional must implement, as it can support your e-commerce platform, design an agile and effective customer service system, and create successful marketing campaigns based on deep customer insights.

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SAP Business Technology Platform

It is an integration and extension platform built for the intelligent enterprise that allows you to connect your environment and create application extensions that focus on your business needs. Protect your investments while remaining flexible and agile.


SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA) creates intelligent bots with machine learning and conversational artificial intelligence for hands-free execution and stability.

Automate your business by emulating your users.

Support intelligent robotic process automation (RPA) to execute processes across multiple systems, cloud solutions, and software-as-a-service offerings.

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SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP)

The SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) solution is a cloud platform based on SAP HANA’s in-memory technology and designed to integrate advanced supply chain planning processes.

It includes modules for demand management and forecasting, inventory optimization, sales and operations planning, response and supply planning, and demand-driven materials requirement planning (DDMRP).

Combine the power of SAP HANA, which can handle large volumes of information and perform calculations quickly, with Excel as the user interface.

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