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The implementation of an ERP system is as important as the acquisition itself. The success of the implementation will depend on whether the final result meets the customer’s expectations.

During this stage, the customer’s knowledge of the business and the provider’s knowledge of the ERP system come together. The customer expresses their requirements, and the provider determines the best way to meet those needs.

Some of the activities performed by us during this stage include:


Once the system is live, Invenzis, through its specialized Service Department, ensures the smooth operation and compliance with the requirements and regulations of the implemented solution in the country where our services are provided.


The service includes, but is not limited to:


Support complements maintenance and aims to provide customers with in-depth usage of the contracted ERP modules and/or the implementation of other standard modules or specific requirements necessary for the customer’s activities.

At Invenzis, our Support Services Department collaborates with clients to improve and expand the usage of the solution and/or to complement the standard solution with specific requirements.

The support services provided by the department include, among others:


Invenzis is certified by SAP to deliver official courses. We aim to empower our clients by providing them with the necessary knowledge to achieve their desired goals through the adoption of SAP.

Obtaining the required training on a platform and/or ERP is essential to reach established goals. It allows individuals to perform at their best by continuously learning and staying up-to-date with technological advancements, thus increasing productivity and accelerating innovation.

OUS (Optimization of System Usage)

It is common for clients to initially implement an ERP system based on their immediate needs, often due to time constraints or lack of knowledge. However, their requirements may change, and they may not have a holistic view of their needs or the full range of functionalities offered by the ERP system.

At Invenzis, we have developed a methodology that allows clients to reformulate their ERP system to maximize the benefits it provides.

MTH (Move To Hana)

Often, when selecting an SAP ERP system, factors such as price, data volume, hardware and software requirements, or other considerations lead to choosing a system with a different database than HANA.

SAP has invested significant effort, research, technician hours, and financial resources to provide its customers with the ability to leverage their applications to the fullest with an in-memory database.

For this reason, Invenzis has become certified as a company, and our consultants are certified to provide services that allow our clients to migrate their ERP system and database to the HANA version.

MTC (Move To Cloud)

Migrating an SAP system from an on-premise environment to the cloud can improve business efficiency if properly planned and executed with certified partners who have the solutions and services required for a successful implementation.

Choosing the right partner can reduce operational costs by approximately 70% and increase project capacity by approximately 80%. Every organization should start considering a move to the cloud as it is imperative to embrace digital processes to remain competitive.

Why wait to migrate to the cloud? If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.

Version Upgrade

Technical upgrade projects are implemented in companies to update their SAP system to the latest released version. Most of the upgrade activities are carried out by the technical team, while the role of functional consultants is limited and mainly focused on integrity testing.

Reasons for an SAP technical upgrade:

As technology and business evolve, companies need to maintain a technological infrastructure that can support those changes. This is the main reason why companies should perform a technical upgrade of their SAP system. Of course, there are many secondary reasons, with the most important being that, like all software vendors, SAP only supports a commercial version of its software for a limited period.

Technical upgrade vs. functional upgrade:

As the name suggests, a technical upgrade updates the software to the latest version, but the new functionalities that come with the new version are not activated or implemented. In contrast, a functional upgrade includes the implementation of new functionalities offered by the new SAP version, in addition to the technical update.

At Invenzis, we are prepared to design a technical and functional upgrade project tailored to your needs.

Roll Outs

In the context of SAP consulting, a Roll-Out refers to a type of implementation where, if the implementation has already been carried out in another country, the configuration of general processes (excluding localization) will be applied to the new implementation.

Regarding the country-specific localization requirements of the SAP system being implemented, configurations will need to be made based on the legal requirements of the specific country. However, the rest of the processes are already defined in the general procedures of the “parent” implementation.

The purpose of the Roll-Out is to standardize processes across all companies, allowing for cost