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Strengthening Our Invenzis Family: Welcome to the New SAP Talents in Argentina

In an event filled with enthusiasm and commitment, Invenzis Argentina warmly welcomed six exceptional professionals who have joined our team as “New SAP Talents”.

This initiative not only reflects our ongoing commitment to growth and innovation, but also exemplifies how we are building a diverse and talented work community.

Diego Spallatti, our director, shared his valuable perspective on Invenzis’ business, providing our newcomers with essential information to understand our approach and values. This gathering was not only an educational moment but also an opportunity to foster connection and team spirit.

A creative activity led by our HR leaders Alejandra and Gisele Francescutti added a fun touch to the event, challenging our new team members to create the “Ideal SAP Consultant Superhero”. Thus, “I-Man” was born, a symbol of our aspirations: the “I” representing Invenzis, Interaction, Iteration, Investigation, and Inspiration, while the “Man” highlights the importance of fundamental human values.

This step is fundamental for us at Invenzis, as it underscores our dedication to nurturing and developing internal talent. Each of the new talents immerses themselves in key areas of SAP, bringing their unique experience and expanding our capacity to provide innovative solutions to our clients.

Gonzalo de Paz (MM – Material Management):
Process Optimization: Implementation of SAP MM for efficient material management.
– Enhanced Visibility: Greater transparency in inventory tracking and control.
Operational Efficiency: Simplification of processes for a more agile supply chain.

Malena Gamboa (FI – Finance):
– Regulatory Compliance: Use of SAP FI to ensure compliance with financial regulations.
– Precise Analysis: Access to detailed financial reports for informed decision-making.
– Process Automation: Increased efficiency through the automation of financial tasks.

Amanda Llera (SD – Sales and Distribution):
– Improved Customer Experience: Utilization of SAP SD to optimize sales and delivery processes.
– Efficient Order Management: Improvement in order management and delivery times.
– Commercial Performance Analysis: Access to key data to evaluate the sales team’s performance.

Andrea Guerrero (CO – Controlling):
– Rigorous Financial Control: Use of SAP CO for more detailed financial control.
– Accurate Cost Reports: Access to detailed cost reports for decision-making.
– Strategic Planning: Facilitation of financial and strategic planning.

Paula Brusco (ABAP – Advanced Programming):
– Development of Custom Solutions: Creation of custom solutions with SAP ABAP.
– Application Integration: Connecting different applications for greater efficiency.
– Continuous Improvement: Adoption of advanced development practices for continuous improvement.

Sebastián Valenzuela (ABAP – Advanced Programming):
– Technological Innovation: Exploration of advanced technologies through SAP ABAP.
– Process Optimization: Development of solutions that optimize internal processes.
– Effective Collaboration: Creation of collaborative tools for the team.

This event is more than a welcome; it is a clear indicator of our commitment to the professional and personal development of each member of our Invenzis family. We are excited to see how these talents will contribute to our ongoing growth and success.

We are proud to welcome Gonzalo, Malena, Amanda, Andrea, Paula, and Sebastián. Welcome to the Invenzis family!

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